Westerns, Wuxia, and Work

I just finished watching True Grit on Netflix during my imposed accelerated recovery. I also watched Unforgiven and was looking forward to Tombstone, but unfortunately, the »

Recover. Faster.

Fred Wilson wrote a great post on feeling tired out. As much as we celebrate going 100 miles per hour in our industry, we can only »

Slushy Speeches

I just left Slush Asia 2016 with a new presentation approach. I originally was going to speak about "How to hire and build your startup team" »

Debt and Direction

There was a load of debt clearing this week. Some personal and professional debt. Founders I know cleared the debt of other founders, some in shareholding »

Leading with Conviction

I loved this post from Charlie O'Donnell. I share the frustration with founders that are aggravated by investors who are not willing to lead, but say »