Team + Tension

We had a great team scrum today. It was one of those chats where everyone understood everything, we all knew who was going to do what, »

Lingvist Learnings

I'm on a bus at 12:52 AM from Seoul airport to the city. Surprisingly not so tired - maybe it's a bit of adrenaline. Maybe »

Quick China thoughts

Currently riding an Uber to dinner. Listening to Jamie Lawson on my desktop Spotify. Operating on SmartOne 3G roaming access with HK servers, so Facebook and »

Thinking in possibilities

There are choices in not only what we think, but also how we think. We can think of what's possible or what's not possible. We can »

How to lead a 10x team

I tweeted a few thoughts on how to lead a 10x team. A 10x team, in my definition, is a team composed of team members that »