How to be ambitious

One way to be ambitious is to work on a mission, not a product. Products come and go, according to what the market needs currently. Sometimes »

Frontloading Issues

Lean into sniffing out issues right from the beginning and addressing them first thing. Issues almost always become much bigger issues as time passes, though we »

Accelerators and Incubators, and Startups

Incubators provide space and other non-tangible resources. Oftentimes this means mentoring, services, and contacts. Accelerators can provide what incubators provide, but most critically provide money for »

Optimizing cognitive loads

There is a limit to how much cognitive load one person can take. Once the cognitive load limit (CLL), or the sum total effect of environmental »

Traveler's schedule

Traveling can be a huge productivity gain. When I traveled to San Francisco last week, I met up with countless high quality people, had 5 encounters »

Peeling away to uniqueness

Unique companies are unique because they are different compared to most. From the way the processes are structured, to how they innovate, to how they are »