My secret to a good presentation

Is to communicate something where every concept I say has an emotional component to it. Some parts of it may invoke anger and aggression, some pride »

How to make the unreal real

There's a few ways I see how to make imaginary things seem like real things. Start rooting the unreal to something insanely real. Magicians do this »

Scalability of values

I believe that values scale well to different cultures, systems, and people. And once those values become established norms, those values scale onwards to others within »


Momentum is when things start to roll a little faster. When deals are easier to sell, or investors are a bit more excited about what you »


Pressure in life is an opportunity to live a little more fully. Things feel more alive, emotions are a bit more raw, time seems to go »

Isolate and leverage

Breaking through the next level in life can be difficult. People are slowed down by friction from existing expectations, environment, and externalities. Some of the friction »