I had to model a financial spreadsheet earlier this week and actually did I enjoy it. It brought me back to my earlier investment banking experience, »

Process Driven Mentality

The last few weeks have been up and down, with various events and travel messing with my schedule and mental energy. I knew that I could »


I’m a naturally active person, and I naturally hate lulls in activity. The absence of activity makes me antsy, as if I’m not doing »

Why Peak Valley got it wrong

The Economist recently published an article titled Peak Valley. Fred Wilson addressed this post in his blog as well. My Zeroth partner Rodolfo also commented on »

A good GoodAI conference

I’m currently in the Good AI conference in Prague, where I was invited to talk about investing in AI and how to develop a beneficial »

Prefabricated lodging

Two days ago I was talking to Jeffrey Char and Kohei Nishiyama about the state of prefabrication in Japan. We talked through two aspects of prefab »