10 values

I spend a lot of time looking back and figuring how to communicate and distill my learnings to benefit others. I had written a similar blog post when I passed on my techstars post to Marko, the current PM, based on how to best serve startups.

The below are some of my values based on what I've seen and learned, to be passed to Z01 and the Zeroth team:

  • Discipline and focus in thought and action.
  • Force yourself into the rhythm of deciding quickly.
  • Obtain clarity through action.
  • 1 action is better than >1.
  • Execute with pace and precision.
  • Embrace that the conflict of ideas is good because the best ideas win.
  • Each individual is accountable absolutely.
  • Make yourself and your team successful and everything else falls in line.
  • Recognize what 1 thing drives 90% of the results.
  • Build a company so that it can exist without you.