100x your thinking

I used to think that 10x thinking was breaking the system. Recently I was introduced to 100x, and that breaks even my mind on how far to reach forward.

If 2x thinking doesn't stress the system, then 10x does break it and begs for a new system, and 100x is creating an entirely new system that may or may not have elements of the old, but definitely incorporates learnings from the old. 100x impacts the way we think about every element.

But 100x thinking also requires honing in on which elements makes the biggest impact. Elements that make little or not impact should be discarded, so the key elements make all the impact. And in this case, the key elements should drive a majority of the 100x needed.

100x thinking also puts you in the rarified community of people who think about long-term problems and needle-moving actions. That's something special.