2014: Learning to do better

The three things below are my goals for 2014, and my framework and thoughts leading up to them.

Learning to be a better thinker

Over the break I read an article by , Founder at Buffer, who tweets an incredible 15 times a day. I'm not going to join him with that frequency, but his process was interesting:

  • Tweets through Buffer to initiate conversations
  • Conversations through Twitter are progressed, then used as ideas for his blog
  • Generates blog, and progresses the conversation there
So why create content? Because it can help structure better writing, and ultimately, better thinking. Because it helps progress the thought-leadership in London. I'm hoping to share this passion and resolution with others as well in the London community.

Learning to be a better mentor

Hiten Shah of KissMetrics, said in his blog about his best mentor:

Instead of sitting me down to “tell” me how to run my company, he took the time to ask me the questions that got me thinking about what was important to me, what my weaknesses were, and how I could fix them. On occasion, he’d chime in with anecdotes from his own experiences, but for the most part, the best mentor I ever had was someone who treated mentoring like a research project, and the subject was me.

I've had the privilege to mentor quite a bit the last few months, but I'm looking to do more, and most importantly, do more better.

Learning to be better well-rounded

I've had three passions in my life that unfortunately have been left by the wayside - martial arts, sport, and food. Martial arts I've done since young, learning Chen style tai chi when I first started; sport I was a competitive tennis player; and food is a family passion, something that my father has passed down to me.

Brad Feld talked about how he developed balance through a series of regular habits. Morphing this into my circumstances and passions, I've tailored the framework to the following:

  • Life Dinner:  A monthly dinner where Mei and I talk about the state of our family, and where we need to go. The aim is for me to cook during this time, and thus improving my cooking skills.
  • Community Dinners: I'm looking to host startup community dinners, and this serves as a great way to interact and learn more about food with friends
  • Community Service: Mei and I volunteered for Crisis during the winter holidays; it was an awesome experience, and something we want to do more of. But I want to do community service on a more frequent basis, and I think teaching football is the way to do it
  • Meditate: This is where I slot my martial arts training