2017 goals

My goals for this year are pretty simple. I usually don't try to do anything too sophisticated - I find the more I plan to do, the less I actually accomplish.


My good friend Andy Chung from AngelList recently said that I needed to level up in strategic thinking. And for me, strategic thinking is merely receiving a lot more external data points and putting them together. Kinda like Charlie Munger.


  • read short form: I may batch my reading in the morning, when I first wake up and hit the office
  • Read long form: - read pretty much long form every day, at night. Around 1.5 hours is the initial goal. Currently my book lists are in Wunderlist - though I may need GoodReads now that there aren't public lists!
  • Get an advisory board: I realize I am the limit of my own imagination- and I need to start involving people that have seen more around me
  • Engage in dialogue: Twitter and Medium are great places to engage in dialogue - I need to actively do that


    Startups, as in life, is a marathon not a sprint. If I take care of hygiene factors like health and sleep, that will enable me add tons to my productivity.


  • use my [Oura ring](https://ouraring.com) to track health metrics like sleep and exercise
  • sleep at a consistent time everyday, and wake up at a consistent time
  • exercise by walking at least 8k steps a day. Also planning on doing dance classes with Mei to build a skill