2x from Z03 to Z04

Yesterday, we started Z04. We went from 33 startups to 60+ startups - all in the scope of a little more than 2 years and effectively doubling our community. To say that we scale fast is an understatement. Looking backward, how did we get to this point?

One part of it is ambition - is to want to scale. Once you desire for an outcome to be achieved, you create a vacuum for others to pour into it their ideas.

Are all those ideas good ideas? Of course not - but you need to be able to generate that flow of ideas first in order to prioritize and elevate the best ones.

Another is to get out of the way. Once others contribute their ideas, then you let them run with it. There's no sense in creating a vacuum for ideas, then snuffing out those ideas once presented. Let people surface their own ideas and own the execution of those ideas.

Another is to take opportunities when they are presented. Be opportunistic, and when things present themselves, quickly decide whether it's an opportunity worth taking or not. All paths are not created equal, and to go a pre-set way is a recipe for disaster.

Lastly, to tolerate pain. To expand 2-3x requires a lot of pain; what you did before isn't sufficient to take you to the next level. It takes self-awareness to figure what you're not good at, modesty to be willing to learn, and a humility to learn from people smarter than you to help you bring you to the next level.