30,535km in the next 2 weeks

I grew up on a plane. My family used to travel regularly between Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and the US. My father's work required it, and I enjoyed the sense of adventure, the new environment, and yes, even the airplane food. I just loved heading to the airport and in 2 hours be transported to a new place, culture, and language.

In the last few months my travel has been hectic. This year alone I've been to Hong Kong once and Seoul twice. And you know what - I still love traveling. It's my one chance to catch up on movies and myself.

My friend and mentor John Vermilye is the only one I know that travels more than me. I always ping him before I travel - because I feel someday, we'll probably just intersect in the airport or even be on the same airplane. It hasn't happened yet - but I'm sure it will.

So below is my schedule. Tweet me if you'd like to meet - and I'll be hosting HK startup community drinks on July 28.


July 22 - Panel and keynote speeches at K-Global Connect Pangyo event
July 23 - FREE DAY (I'll probably be at Google Campus)
July 24 - FREE DAY (I'll probably be at Google Campus)


July 27 - The morning I'll be at the BRINC accelerator
July 28 - I'll be at Le Quinze Vins G/F, 9 Swatow Street, Wan Chai from 6-7:30 PM for drinks with community startups. Come join if you're free
July 29 - Converge
July 30 - Converge
July 31 - RISE and judging the Startup Tram event


August 2 - I'll be speaking at Patriot Boot Camp