A few things I've learned about the London startup community

I’ve gotten this topic a few times in the last week, so I’d thought I’ll answer this all at once.  My top few things about the community:

It doesn’t all center around Old Street, but a lot of it does

Old Street certainly has a huge concentration of startups, but it’s not just limited to that area. Clerkenwell, Hoxton, Piccadilly - they all complete the bunch.

Attend some events to get the lay of the land

Meetups, especially Hacker News and Mini Bar, Silicon Drinkabout, and the events at Google Campus, are the best place to get to know people. Go to a few, get to know some of the people, and find out quickly where you can your hands dirty!

Brainstorm how you can contribute

Community building is totally about the concept of “give first”. Find out where you can help. Ask those that you respect about what value you can bring to the table. And really get your hands dirty. You’ll surprise yourself.

Be passionate about what you want

Seek out like-minded people. If you want to learn to code, find those groups. If it’s social media you want, go for that. Be very focused about what you represent and your own personal brand.

"Don’t Look Back in Anger"

Cut the ropes. Say goodbye to your past life. Do or do not.

If you decide to jump in, jump in with two feet in. Don’t look back.