A three day snapshot of Hong Kong tech

The last two days I've been in Hong Kong, invited by Cyberport to spend time talking about some of the best practices I've seen and helping some of their companies with office hours. I couldn't be more pleased.

First - I got to talk about CEO best practices, which I'm extremely passionate about. I weaved my military experience, thoughts from thought leaders like Fred Wilson and Ben Horowitz, and examples from great CEOs I've worked with, like Mick Hagen from Spatch.

The office hours with the teams were incredible. I met with around 7 teams, including Shopline from 500 startups, and was generally impressed with the companies and the entrepreneurs.

I also got to meet with local players, all who were incredibly helpful and supportive in explaining Hong Kong. In no particular order, Simon Squibb from Nest, Felix Lam, Kyle Lam, Erica Ma from Cocoon, Tytus and Allison from Fresco capital, Keith Rumajan from Techstars alum Coachbase, Andrew Chan, Richard Chan from Ironfire capital, Jayne Chan from InvestHK, Alan from Vectr, Hilary Szymujko from blueprint accelerator, and Allen Yeung from Science Park.

Most importantly my thanks go out to David Chung and Chris Chan who got me out to Hong Kong. Without them I wouldn't have been able to see all this.

So as I write this on the MTR with a still jet-lagged brain, I feel there is activity here. It might be raw, it might be early, but it feels like something exciting. And as a Hong Kong native, I couldn't be happier.