Tak Lo is based out of Hong Kong and creates unfair advantages for early stage founders across Asia. He invests in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning startups via Zeroth.ai.

Specializing in early-stage team challenges, Tak has hired and led diverse teams from across industries, including military, startups, banking, and venture.

Tak was previously Director at Techstars. He had spent over 6 years across the European and NYC startup communities, having angel invested, founded, and mentored over 50 early stage startups. He was also a Venture Partner at Mind Fund.

Aside from his investing interests, Tak advises Upscale, Tech City's mentoring program for Series A companies, and the Estonian e-Residency program. He is a regular speaker at General Assembly, Pioneers, TwilioCon, and others.

Tak holds an MBA from London Business School and an Economics degree from the University of Chicago. He's also an adventurer; he served in the U.S. Army, drove from London to Ulan Bator, and last ran a 10K.