Anger is great

I was talking to founder today who's going through a difficult process. We had a series of emails and I'm glad we had a healthy dialogue.

I shared that I had gone through anger once when my co-founder left the team right before a big event. I was angry that he shattered my dreams, put my family at risk, and did an incredibly irresponsible and selfish thing. I really wanted to channel my anger to punch him in the face.

Anger as an emotion is awesome. It's raw, powerful, and energetic. But I didn't want to be stupid and channel that anger into something counter-productive and punch somebody. I wanted to use that precious emotion to something productive - something that fuels positive action, not negative.

So I actively channeled anger to find a new co-founder. I talked to loads of people, including an old high school friend and entrepreneur Surojit Niyogi who I hadn't talked to in years. And through that process I found my friend and co-founder Richard Lau, who I've been in touch with ever since and now working on Red Cliffs with.

Anger is great. Don't waste it and channel it to something positive.