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I love good propaganda - I really do. I know it may be a bit cheesy, but good propaganda (cough advertising) stirs the soul like no other.

I just wanted to share this in light of the new Patriot Boot Camp program that Tech Stars is putting on. I think it’s a fantastic opportunity for veterans to show the tech world that the skills they gained in the service make them great entrepreneurs. I’ve often been frustrated with the lack of mentoring and recognition given to vets, and bravo for Tech Stars to recognize this.

And lest people think it’s just good patriotism, I refute and say it’s good business. If you compare this Inc opinion piece on what makes great leaders and some vet leaders, I would say the skillsets are uncommonly similar. Vets are simply a deep reservoir of leadership talent (West Point and other military academies has been training this for years) that can be tapped, nurtured, and given opportunities - in fact P&G, McKinsey, and other MNCs see vets as an absolutely critical leadership pipeline. And startups are the perfect places for this talent, since the required skillsets are small team leadership, morale management, and mission focus.

I usually like more stats with my posts, so a follow up soon to follow!