Today is an art day. I was just at the Marvel Universe exhibit, NS Harsha's exhibit, and now headed to Yayoi Kusama's exhibit as well. That's three more exhibitions I've been than all of last year.

I wouldn't call myself an artist but Mei definitely is. I think it takes something special for someone to be an artist; to take one's vision, emotions, and feelings and translate it to a body of work. It takes a certain courage and desire to have that manifest into the world.

The courage of art is that most consumers find it easy to criticise. Sometimes they'll say it's so easy to create, or that there is no meaning behind it. All that feedback is valid, because it's one person's meaning onto the world. It's just that - it's only one person's meaning.

Art is also storytelling. It's the ability to weave all the disparate experiences and emotions of the moment into something physical, no matter how grand or small. Each piece tells a story.

Art is ever changing. If you look at an artist's body of work, there are hundreds of pieces that weren't able to be exhibited because it wasn't gallery worthy. But the artist had to do that work in order to have pieces that were worthy. The principle may be that one needs to process thousands of pieces in order to even have a shot at debuting a grand piece of work; or in other words, the more one creates, the more one becomes an artist.