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As I land in DC and head to TechStars’ Patriot Boot Camp, I’m very much grateful for all the support I’ve gotten so far.  Just 6 months ago, I couldn’t imagine that I’ll be here in the US, liaising with startup juggernaut TechStars, and then having a real chance to take Travelst to the next level.  I’m a mix of elation and anticipation.  But before I head there tomorrow, I need to say thanks for all the support.  I’m sure I’ve missed some, so if I have I apologize in advance - will make sure I include you in my next round of thanks! (in no particular order, of course)

from London Business School - Dean Likierman, Rajesh Chandy, Gary Dushnitsky, Nina Bohn, Jon Conradi, Jurek Sikorski

Friends and colleagues - Ivan Shyr, Rosemary Forsyth, Sean Phelan, Vinay Gupta, John Vermilye, Chris Havemann, Farhan Lalji, Natasja Giezen, Jack Huang, Eze Vidra, Haroon Khan, Jay Patel, Beng-Fai Mok, Ravi Sinha

Crossing my fingers this week will be awesome.  But most importantly, thank you for helping me get this far.