What comes around, goes around

I first came to Tokyo close to 20 years ago. I originally did a summer exchange here in high school which inspired me to study Japanese »


Very proud today of Tru Luv being selected as one of Apple's best of 2018. The review states: You could even gamify self-care. An iOS game »

Deconstructed Innovation

Innovation, in brevity, happens at the fringes. It happens furthest away from centralized activity and closest to the touchpoint with the real-life customer. It happens when »

Monetary Authority Issues

I was just at a talk with a governmental Monetary Authority, and a discussion surfaced about what issues kept them at night. I thought it was »

2x from Z03 to Z04

Yesterday, we started Z04. We went from 33 startups to 60+ startups - all in the scope of a little more than 2 years and effectively »