baby's on my mind


i’ve just come back on the grid from the birth of Vera on September 20th and a week of spending time with her. it’s been a great ride so far - little things like:

  • watching her sleep soundly
  • seeing her kick and scream when we change her
  • noticing her little tantrums when she starts waking up from a long nap
  • peering into her inquisitive eyes (or at least i think they’re inquisitive)

i can’t say my life has totally changed yet. perhaps it's because Vera just isn’t quite interacting fully yet or that i don’t bear the brunt of the feeding/nurturing schedule.

but whatever happens next - i’m looking forward to it.

i’m undoubtedly grateful to friends Ivan Shyr and Eduardo Molina for helping with our house move when our family was stuck in the hospital, all the well wishes from Techstars, Facebook and Twitter friends, and brother and cousins Kathy and Derek & Melissa for stopping by, helping out, and sharing the love.

and most critically my mother in law for helping on a day to day basis - without her we would be innumerably more stressed.