Beijing Goodness

Currently in Beijing attending the AWS summit. Super interesting to get more plugged into the scene this time around, meet investors from GSR, CGC, and Sequoia, and AI startups large and small, including Cortana's team.

What have I learned about the scene:

  • there's a shit ton of AI happening here: Most activity is currently on the corporate level (Baidu, Microsoft, etc.) but there are also a ton of startups in the AI space.
  • there's a shit ton of capital here: Maybe this isn't a big surprise for most people, but the fact really didn't hit me until I was here
  • there's a shit ton of sophistication here: the best investors know a ton about the world. Whether about Pokemon Go (which is banned) or SV investments, the investors and the entrepreneurs know what's going on in the world. Even behind the Great Firewall, the best know what's going on in the world.
  • there's a shit ton of data here: This was a point highlighted by Ben, CEO from [Liulishuo](; that China has a huge concentration of data that only makes AI more interesting

    This won't be the last time we're here. There's too much goodness going on.