Being boring

Work in modern society places a premium on executing, being busy, and increasing the volume of getting things done. Although production has a role in the modern work's schedule, the opposite of production has to have a role as well. This opposite is no production, or simply, being boring.

Being boring is the act of allocating some time everyday to the act of no production. It is the act of focusing on the opposite of outputs, on focusing on inputs. It is the act of suspending the monkey brain and focusing on sensory input in different forms, whether it be through art, music, sports, or a good meal.

Being boring works on the creative side of the brain. It allows new inputs to reflect, change, and morph previous ideas. It allows deeper reflection and insights to be gained from time.

Being boring is not non-work. It's work in a different degree, in building up the underlying logic and connections between disparate ideas. Being boring is still work, just not as obvious.

Being boring is valuing the long term. Short term work produces output and results, but long term produces structures that drive impact. Being boring says that you care about the long term, at the expense of short term.