Being CEO

The CEO is the chief executive officer of a company. What that means is that the CEO is ultimately responsible for the financial, operational, and ethical well-being of the company and its employees. To me, the CEO is the leader of a group of people.

There are things only a CEO can do. Only the CEO can set the company's vision and take that vision forward. The CEO is also the best salesperson, because that vision is uniquely theirs. The CEO is ultimately responsible for the team, their activities, and their morale and growth.

Signing up to be CEO is easy, but to grow as a CEO is hard work. It takes vision to live in the future and inspire the team to reach it. It takes courage to face up to failures and make amends. It takes discipline to say no to things that don't matter. It takes emotional control to stay the course and not let events rattle you. It takes intellectual honesty to analyze one's business and dissect it fully. It takes responsibility to want to do the right thing despite the market telling you not to. It takes resolve to face up to small early stage problems and large late stage problems with equal unanimity.

Despite the challenges, being a CEO is a privilege because it is being the truest form of oneself. The challenges of being CEO serve to whittle down all the nonsense, biases, and superfluous elements of a person, until only the core is left. There is no greater expression of a person, their talents, and their potential than being a CEO.

Thus, there are no two CEOs that are the same. Each CEO will have their unique way of looking at the world. Each will have their own fears and biases to confront. Each will have their own journey to explore. The only one single thread between all CEOs is that each committed to that journey of being CEO.