Being thankful

This weekend has been an up and down one due to an upcoming procedure for my father, but I’m incredibly thankful for three people that gave me their time, empathized with my situation, and helped me think through how I could help my family.

Hunaid, a high school friend and an MD/PhD, responded almost immediately on Facebook.  His insights and 45 min conversation on a Sunday helped me think through how I can help with post-surgery procedures.

Nick, a high school friend as well and world traveler, responded with further suggestions on the condition and how my father could recover.

Jack from weeSpring, an entrepreneur whom I’ve gotten to know well working together at TechStars, helped me find an expert in the NYC medical community that I could consult.

I may be old school, but those that help my family are friends for life.  I thank them for being there when I needed it most.