Best 8 leadership books I've read

I've read some good leadership books recently re. my leadership goals, and here's a list of the best of the best (so far):

This book is an amalgamation of different leaders' stories and how they reacted under pressure. Through there, Justin finds details on why certain leaders reacted the way they did, and what we can learn about reacting under pressure.

Pressure is an ever-present fact of leadership life - and the better leaders know how to handle it, the better. * [Decisive]( by Cheap and Dan Heath

One key skill that leaders have is the ability to make decisions - often with incomplete information. This book gives frameworks on how to make those type of decisions - when information is incomplete, bad, or not available. * [Mission, Men, and Me]( by Pete Blaber

Written by an Army Special Forces veteran, this book is a book many of the top leadership book lists miss. This is not a traditional military book - this book is about leadership frameworks that work in the battlefield and have equivalent usage in business. * [Good to Great]( by Jim Collins

An oldie but goodie. Jim talks about the best businesses in the world, and the traits of the leaders that run them. Coherent, analytical, and thorough, this is a must read for anyone. * [The Hard thing about Hard Things]( by Ben Horowitz

I didn't have high hopes when I bought this, but Ben talks about an aspect of leadership that I don't see often enough - when to be a tough guy (or in his Mafia-inspired words, a war-time boss). When the chips are down, and it happens a lot when you're running your own business, being a tough guy is a good skill to have. * [Quiet]( by Susain Cain

Susan gives voice to a heuristic of leadership that is neglected, but no less valuable. This book shifts my thinking on what it takes to be a good leader, and how to find leadership in others. * [Give and Take]( by Adam Grant

Sometimes it does pay to be nice, and Adam talks about this. As a leader the dominant literature talks about what a leader should be, but this book talks about the actual practical characteristic that works. * [Zero to One]( by Peter Thiel

I really enjoyed this book not only because of its blend of leadership and business building advice, but because of its philosophical nature. Of all my favorite leadership books, this is the one that gives the most balanced of all opinions - a quick read on business, life, and leadership. In essence, the Hagakure or Book of 5 rings for tech.