Blogging once more

I've taken a break from blogging on this blog since May 2017. It's hard to imagine that it's really been over a year now.

In the interim, I've tried other mediums, such as:

  • Posting short verbal thoughts on [Anchor]( I find this medium effective for creating novel concepts but at short spurts. Voice is great for stream of consciousness and trying to link 1 to 3 concepts together. Anything more complex requires some sort of writing and editing process.
  • Posting on Forbes has been somewhat limited for me. I struggle with introducing content that's always business oriented, versus on this blog I have the creative reign.
  • Ironically, not posting as much on Twitter. I find the echo chamber too great on Twitter, the signal/noise ratio too low to be effective for me, and the ability to really own the space and introduce novel concepts too limited. Twitter still remains a great distribution channel for other content though.
  • Posting on [Medium]( I find Medium to be too focused on the external audience and not quiet nor private for me. I blog for me, not for others; I strive to introduce novel concepts for my sake first. Again, great distribution channel, but not so good for me.

    I think it's high time to return to blogging. It feels good.