CEO resources

here are a few resources i mentioned whilst i was on the panel for Fast Forward, London’s pre-accelerator programme. thanks Ian Merricks for the question.

  • [the secret sauce]( by John O’Nolan; it’s all about your network
  • [how to tell if you’re not scaling as a CEO]( by Phi Barnes; embrace the uncomfortableness
  • [always be hiring, always be fundraising](; two key things to be constantly doing
  • [train your grit](; learn to love the tough ride
  • [good companies are storytellers, great companies are story doers]( by Ty Montague. tell a story - and now execute it

    Fred Wilson - what a CEO does
    Brad Feld - being a great CEO

    i ended the discussion by advocating that CEOs read and learn constantly, and budget themselves daily for a period of learning.

    i also liked what Michael Wilkinson from Crowdcube said about “maintaining positivity” and John Spindler from Capital Enterprise mentioned “be exceptional”. simple advice but easy to forget when you’re in the middle of the battle.