Christmas season recap + 2015 goals


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I love the Christmas season. It's a natural seasonal two week slow-down that allows more time to be spent on other activities. Last year I spent the entire time watching all five seasons of Breaking Bad. This year, I managed to squeeze in loads of family time with Vera and train over 12 hours for the triathlon.

I tend not to do a wrap up of the prior year. I find annual reviews to be too infrequent, and instead do quarterly reviews. I find I get a ton accomplished in a quarter anyways where a more frequent review process is needed.

I do like what James Clear did with his annual integrity review though. The Christmas season is a time of reflection for generally non work things, and integrity is something worth reflecting upon. This I'll include in a separate blog post.

I do make goals - both annual and quarterly goals. Annual goals are usually big vision things, and quarterly goals the tactical processes aligned to vision. For 2015 my goals are:

  • Blog more frequently: increase my learnings and self-reflection. I'll increasingly engage my blog community as well.
  • Focus on leadership learning: one thing I'm increasingly drawn towards is becoming a better leader. I have some thoughts on how I'll tackle this goal.
  • Focus on Asia: I have an interest in the entrepreneurs coming from the region, and would like to focus on that ecosystem (South and South East Asia)

Lastly, I like Mark Zuckerberg's ambitious goals concept - where he selects to do or learn something incredible in a year. Last year his goal was learning Chinese, this year is to read a book every day. In the same spirit, my audacious goal is to become a triathlete:

  • Run a triathlon: currently I'm running one in Lanzarote, and may do the London triathlon
  • Join a tri club and continue training for a 2016 Ironman