Clarity of intent

Being clear on intent means that there is a simple and clear reason why you're doing what you're doing. The way to achieve that is an alignment of a few things.

First you need an alignment between your future goals and your past history. Is there a demonstrable story and clear script on why your past history has led to what you want to achieve in the future? Is this obvious, or has it been manufactured? Is it clear to you the connection, because if it's not clear to you, it won't be clear to others.

Second you need alignment on incentives and why achieving those goals help you. People all have incentives to optimize what they do, whether believe it or not. And it's fine to have incentives, albeit monetary or other. Being clear about those incentives and why those incentives help you is important for you and others to understand what drives you.

Third you need alignment on whether achieving those goals is the best thing to do now. Some goals are better achieved later, and some achieved now. You have to be honest whether this is a now goal, and if not, what that now goal is.