Coming full circle

I met up with a high school friend a few days ago and we reminisced about our careers to date. One of the people I reminisced about was friend and the first ever entrepreneur I worked with - Roj Niyogi

At that time I had just graduated from Chicago and Roj somehow convinced me to go down to Austin to work on a reverse auction site for OEM parts. Somehow I ended up with the CEO role though - a real testament to how much Roj trusted the judgment of my 22 year old self.

We didn't work on this startup very long - much to my fault. It was an ambitious plan and one that was I was woefully prepared to execute, much less lead. Looking back I probably was more than intimidated about our plans and I wasn't ready to take on the responsibility. I left to join the military and did a ton of things before becoming an entrepreneur again.

Now 13 years later, it's funny to see things return back to entrepreneurship. Roj is a super successful founder with his company Perk going public in Canada. I am in Hong Kong in the early stage investment scene.

The more things change, the more things go back to where it once was. It's fun to see when things happen like this.