Congrats to Trump + lessons learned

I'm not political. I have supported candidates from both political parties. I have certain feelings based on how I and my friends view the result, but that's all in the past and part of the democratic process. What matters to me now is the future, how we go forward, and what my learnings are.

  • Entrepreneurs can win by leveraging niches. Clinton had immeasurably more press endorsement and funding, but still lost. Trump found a niche community, catered his messaging, and leveraged that niche. He utilized his underdog status well.
  • Individuals matter more than institutions: We live in a time where individual values and messages matter more than institution values and messages. Trump's individual appeal was much more powerful than his party's, and in many ways was against his party's messaging and values.
  • Anger is a hugely motivating emotion: A lot of Trump's appeal was his ability to tap into the frustrations and anger of his community. That anger motivated his community to be even more angry, find other community members, and compel them to act. Anger doesn't always lead to hate - it can lead to action.