Counting Backwards

I just came back from our first family vacation to Da Nang, Vietnam. Though I still did some work, I mostly got to spend a lot of time with Vera and share precious memories with her. We didn't do anything super adventurous; instead we spent a lot of time on the beach, her playing with sand, chasing the waves, and making sand castles. Simple stuff, but it gave her so much joy.

I used to be embarrassed to take vacations. I love to work and I really didn't think I needed to take vacations. I can unwind just fine at home or take mini-breaks.

But now I realize that vacations really is a time to create memories with the little ones before they grow up. Assuming that we take 2 vacations a year (summer and winter), we only get about 18 years' worth, or 36 vacations, before Vera decides she wants to spend her vacation time with friends. That's really not a lot for all of us to have shared, private time.

Here's to #1 of 36.