Creating the space

When I have something important to deliver, I create the space to able to deliver. First, I set a deadline, the more urgent the better. Human psychology makes us work best if a deadline is last minute, so I tend to give myself only an extremely limited set of time (48 hours as an example).

Second, I create pockets of space in my schedule to deal with it. Most things follow a non-linear process, so I find it important to create micro-sprints of time and effort, some rest and working on other tasks, and then back to micro-sprints. Rinse and repeat.

Third, I enlist help. I am acutely aware that my imagination and cognitive limit is constrained by what I know and think is possible. Therefore it's important to enlist feedback from those that have more imagination or seen more. Help can be in the form of direct help, but can also mean reading content or putting oneself in other's perspectives.