Dissecting my degree


dug up my old University of Chicago transcript while going through files. i did well, graduating in economics, with honors, and on the Dean's List. but i definitely optimized the system, and there's a ton of learnings to be had:

  • i actually sucked at econ. i averaged a B+ over the course of my econ courses
  • though i'm much better with macro econ than micro (econ 203 and 202 much better than econ 201 and 200)
  • my Japanese courses pulled up my GPA (averaged an A/A- over 6 courses)
  • my humanities courses sucked too - an average of B/B-
  • the econ/maths courses i loved were macro econ and intro to finance
  • i grew the most through the Kantian philosophy, visual language, and economics of crime courses. ironically my grades for those classes were B+, A-, and Pass, respectively

    overall - if i did it all over again, i would have:

  • focused on macro econ
  • chosen better humanities courses and enlisted mentors to help. i actually loved humanities - i just didn't know how to write well
  • taken more philosophy courses

    i'm much more interested in the intersection of sciences/math and the humanities/philosophy. funny how it's taken me 12 years since graduation to think this through.