Don't force a situation - instead let it develop

I was in a few situations this past week where I saw others actively take control during the wrong time. This control/situation misfit is a regular occurrence with entrepreneurs, since in many ways we are programmed to hustle or act immediately, regardless of situation.

As a founder and entrepreneur, I too find it difficult at times to be passive. Like many high risk-takers, passivity connotes losing or giving up control; but it doesn’t necessarily mean so.

"Letting the situation develop" is a quote I encountered while reading the seminal book Mission, Men, and Me; essentially, it means to actively wait and delay a decision until more information is available so that a better decision can be made.

Here’s an example - I have an ex-colleague that once said that Texas Hold’Em poker is at the core an information game. What separates pros between amateurs is that pros are more willing to wait for the flop, turn, and river deals to gain information about each player’s hands, even at the expense of paying for those deals.

So try this - next time you’re rushed into making a decision, try letting the situation develop further and gain more information. At the end of day, life and business is very much about timing, so make sure you don’t misjudge control/situation fit.