Goal #1 and 2 updates

Number 1 of my goal this year is to blog more, which means I've been reading more as well. Thus on my iPhone I live a monastic (according to Matt Webb) life devoid of games and replete only with content reading.

this is really one of my iPhone folders

Number 2 goal has been to learn more and practice leadership. One way to learn leadership is through action - and I'm glad I had the opportunity to do so with last cohort's hackstars and associates. The second way to learn leadership is through reading - and what's been frustrating though was the lack of great blogs, one of my favorite reading mediums.

After checking out How Great Leaders Think from the London Business School library, I've come to the working theory that blog content is sufficient for leadership topics. Blog content is too short to get into detail on leadership principles, which require longer form content to talk about.

Thus I bought a Kindle a few weeks ago. I'm hoping that having a Kindle will trigger a more frictionless reading of long form content. Already I've finished Ben Horowitz's The Hard things about hard things, and working on Giants of Enterprise.