Going into Monk Mode

The next 30 days of my 100 plan is to connect the dots and think more broadly about the Asian ecosystem and what impact I can make here in the next 5-7 years. In short - I'm going into Monk Mode.

Like a monk, I'm going to reduce external communications (via external meetings, Twitter, and this blog), and instead:

  • Clear social debt - emailing back my network for all the help during the last 100 days
  • Clear task debt - clearing my Wunderlist
  • Clear thought debt - review my notes and organize from Simply Note to Evernote. Organize my Macbook files as well
  • Connect lines - Draw parallels and lines across the notes I have taken and write extensively in a newly acquired Moleskine
  • Read more deeply: Continue my foray into decision making theory with OODA loop analysis
  • Clear family debt: Be present and to help family with this transition, in terms of living arrangements and schooling
  • Physically recharge batteries - sleep and rebuild my triathlon body. Doing a ton of stretching and yoga

See you on the other side.