The holiday season for me is a time to spend time with family, put in the work as a father, and create memories. It's only one of those times when work and family flip priorities.

That flipping has been great for me to step back and evaluate the work has been created this year. This is a message I sent to Zeroth's investors, mentors, and friends:

Thanks for being a part of Zeroth's journey to date. When we dreamt of the idea in 2016, we had a hypothesis that AI-first companies would be the norm and that early stage investing was going to be different for AI-first companies. All we wanted was to be the best at understanding early stage AI investing. We decided to do so in Asia, where many of us are based and dynamics are different.

We've had a great learning year. Working with 10 AI teams have taught us a lot about what they care about (data, AWS, and physics talk), what they don't (vanity), and what Zeroth can do better to serve them (more brilliant founders, less bureaucratic stuff, and better processes). We think we understand a bit more about upcoming specific trends in the AI space and Asia (China and Japan will continue to be big, computer vision continues to be big, and chatbots will be more and more popular. Corporates also have a role to play, but as yet unsure how).

For 2017, we have big plans. The AI trend continues to push strong, without any signs of abating. We are aggressive and are looking to expand into Tokyo to continue our learnings about early stage AI investing in Asia. We will continue holding the standard of an active thought-leader in the space.

I want to thank you for pushing us and me personally on achieving that standard. I am very aware that we are incredibly privileged to have friends, colleagues, and investors (some of the best in the world) contribute to our mission. That privilege is not lost on me; in fact, it drives me and our team even harder.

As my good friend Rui Ma reminded me when she gave me the book Extreme Ownership, there are only two possible outcomes - winning and losing. And as a military veteran, I am grateful that I have the awesome privilege and responsibility to lead Zeroth to win.

Happy holidays and here's to a great 2017.