#HealthHacking - Intermittent Fasting

Just talked to a friend that recommended IF, or intermittent fasting, a technique restricting caloric intake for a certain periods of time in a day.  This ranges from eating only within an 8 hour window or none at all, over a 24 hour period.

I’ve had a history of trying #healthhacks (I hesitate calling them diets because it’s not a one-time change in eating, but a continued change) from my days with Cross Fit and the Paleo Diet.  The simple premise of the Paleo Diet is the restriction of food consumption to the items available on the outside ring of a supermarket; essentially only fresh meats, fish, and vegetables.  Proportions are: 1/3 meats and/or fish, 2/3 vegetables.  The scientific explanation behind the Paleo Diet is the reduction of high GI, or glycemic index, foods, which leads to less frequent spikes in blood sugar levels.

I remember clearly how healthy I felt when on Paleo, and I truly thought it was due to the low GI and stabilization of blood sugar spikes.

IF seems to achieve the same thing and more.  Reduction in caloric intake has been proven to extend lifespan, and by fasting the body consumes excessive fat storage.

I’ll be trying this out for the next month, and perhaps even more.  Looking forward to documenting my experience.