Helping build a founder-to-founder community

I've just come back from Berlin after having seen the kickoff for the Techstars Berlin program. Before leaving, friend and founder David Yu from Scoped and I had a great chat about mentoring. The word mentoring can sometimes imply some sort of senior/junior relationship, or a checklist of what should or shouldn't be done. But at the core of mentoring is really a sharing of experiences.

And for me the best type of mentoring has come from founders. In my experience, founders understand the emotional tensions that are rife when building a startup, nuances that either make or break a company. And these details make all the difference.

That's why I'm super excited to be part of the Startups Illustrated panel this coming Wednesday. It's all about founders opening up and really sharing those hard lessons learnt. Founders sharing lessons that only founders will understand. That's why I founded Red Cliffs, a community of founders helping Asian founders. That's why I'm passionate about building relationships with other founders.

So I hope to see you there - RSVP here.


PS: What an amazing set of Techstars Berlin companies - entrepreneurs whom I have known for a while, like Carlos Lagrange and Ali Tehrani. Super excited for them.