Here's to you, Ah Gung

I'm currently sitting down in a hotel in Singapore, tired and drained. A little less more than 24 hours ago my "ah gong", my maternal grandfather, passed away. I then spent the night at my grandmother's home, accompanying her with my cousin. I couldn't sleep and went home for a quick nap, then boarded a plane at 7 AM for Singapore before another quick nap.

I'm incredibly privileged to have almost 36 years with him. When I think about this it's amazing how lucky I was to see him and to see how he treated me. Some of the things I've learned are:

  • giving me perspective on the bigger context of life. He lived through a World War, escaping Communist China, and the resettlement in Hong Kong
  • being the very rock for the family - emotionally and physically
  • when I was starting out as an entrepreneur, I remember him telling me to go for it. It was the only career advice he's ever given me - and the very best one

    Here's to you Ah Gung. The best way I can honor you is to keep working and keep grinding.