Highs, lows, and moving on

You can have some great days where super interesting people seem to understand your business or you just closed an insane client. You can have some bad days where nothing seems to go right, your team has left, and the goals you've set are way behind.

How do you move on? Well, whatever happened yesterday is irrelevant to what happens today. What happened 5 minutes ago is in the past. Taking one macro view up, external disruptions is just mere blip into your whole existence. What's at the core is what you choose to do, and what you choose today. At this very moment.

In the forces, there were two distinct groups of people - those that believed in choice and agency and those that didn't. Those that did always found a solution, reacted positively to negative situations, and were more resilient. Those that didn't complained about their situation, reacted poorly if the situation went sideways, and were less resilient.

There is no value judgement on either of the above. Some people choose to be one or the other. They are apt in different ways and scenarios.

But at the core, remember you always have a choice. You can decide how you react to a situation, whether you want to breathe, whether you wiggle your fingers. You can choose to smile or frown, fart or laugh, or get mad or not. The choice is always available.