HK spirit

Read this piece today about the decline of the HK spirit - and actually it hit me with some sadness:

A bit of sadness because this brings me back to my parents' and grandparents' Hong Kong. A Hong Kong where things were possible and things were happening. Where there was soul and pride.

There's also a bit of sadness because I gave up on the city. Sure there are problems in this city, as there are in any city. But I haven't devoted myself to owning this city, its problems, and loving it despite its problems. That is a personal failure.

I was born in HK, at HK sanatorium hospital. My parents Sam Lo and Nora Chien were also born here, and raised in various parts of HK. My grandparents immigrated here to seek a better life, having lived through war and occupation.

For better or worse, HK will always be a part of me. Now is my time to own that part of me.