How I learned to be creative

I just spent the weekend in Seoul. I try not to do that so that I get to see my family over the weekend, but the timing of trips meant that I had to spend one weekend away.

I was relatively bored on Sunday, so I went to a local cafe and enjoyed the weather and some wine. I brought some pen and paper, which I use a ton more for brainstorming. And then the creativity hit me.

I furiously started to write. I filled up nearly all my free pages. I started to think in different directions and the possibilities of things. My mind was literally freed up.

I learned a lesson: having a fixed location is not absolutely necessary, but it creates an atmosphere of comfort where the physical needs are satisfied so the mind can explore. Boring is absolutely necessary because it creates an empty space for the mind to wander. And usually boringness doesn't happen without a fixed location.

I noticed that when my writing stopped, I would look up and see all the creative people around me in Garosugil. Their creativity would get me thinking a bit ("oh, that's a funny hat"), and then I'll get back to what I'm doing.

I don't claim to be an extremely creative person. But I think I just learned to be slightly more.