How to choose the right startup job

This week I had the fortune to coach three Techstars Associates on their next steps. I had to revisit my getting a job lessons-learned, but think through a tactical framework on getting a job. Here's a framework that I recommended:


  1. Prioritize where you can accelerate your learning
  2. Figure out how much risk can you take - financially and emotionally. This determines the type of startup that you should focus on.

Tactical signals to look out for:

  1. Flexibility in role: What you're looking for is an opportunity to make this role/position yours. As current Techstars company Bidvine says, everyone needs to be the CEO of something.
  2. Company is moving: There is momentum in the company. There is optimism, a mission, a direction. This is so key.
  3. Good Team: You're looking for trust in the team members and mentorship from the leaders. When you're starting your career, it's so important to have mentors that can not only guide you on what you need to do, but share with you your blind spots and help you grow.

And congrats go to for their new roles and help in writing this post:

  1. Zheela Qaiser
  2. Helena Wasserman