How to deal with external interest

People that are interested in what you're doing is always a positive. Interest is better than no interest, and interest converts to action, if nurtured correctly.

But external interest can be distracting, which is a huge negative. For example, after starting Zeroth, a ton of people are interested in what we're doing. There are requests for calls and meetings, which can be an incredible time-waste as compared to actually building product and helping the companies.

In order to capture the external interest while minimizing the distraction, I fall back to the batch process. One way could be:

  • capture external interest via email
  • categorize external interest as long term or immediate urgency
  • acknowledge external interest, and send an appropriate way to engage:
    for long term, I say it's hard to meet, but can I send them updates from time to time, which I do every Friday via email or even Mailchimp. For immediate urgency or if it's a relationship and guidance I really value, I send them a Calendly link for meeting slots on Friday mornings, when I'm most free to meet.

I find this approach works for 95% of the cases. There are fringe cases of course, but dealing with this process in a structured way minimizes distraction and captures the upside of external interest.