How to maximize value-add to early stage companies

I'm analyzing all the early stage companies I've worked with and where I added the most value. Below are some of my conclusions, plus things that I have seen other good active investors do.

  • Clean up cap table. Or better yet, don't clean at all - force new companies
  • Take one strong view, rather than a few weak views
  • Force simplicity
  • Tough love
  • Only working with new entrepreneurs = less shit to deal with
  • Be extremely forceful and active with solving problems
  • Establish faster cadence
  • Force better communication
  • Market the hell out of their companies
  • Connecting companies to the right people to the right time
  • Give companies the space to be creative, ambitious, and make mistakes
  • Step away when you can't exert influence and add value

    Thanks to David Cohen, Jens Lapinski, Marvin Liao, Doug Scott, Eileen Burbidge, Jon Bradford, and Carlos Espinal for providing great role models.