I know what it's like applying to Techstars

I applied to Techstars once.

Earlier in 2013, my team and I were in New York, working on our MVP while talking through our interview questions with Techstars alumni Josh Evans from GoChime and Tom Chikoore from RisingStars. After several marathon sessions, we felt prepared, we interviewed, but ultimately we didn't get through. To be honest at that time, I was pretty gutted. Thankfully things turned around.

But looking back - I definitely would have applied again. It was a bonding experience - Richard, Tobia and I worked, played ping pong, and devoured tacos at Jukay Hsu's Coalition for Queens office. Our business got better - we refined our business strategy, got challenged on things we weren't clear on, and came to certain conclusions that only an intensive process could help produce. We networked like crazy and met some amazing people in the process, including Seth Godin and Micah Baldwin.

I know applying is hard. And with less than 24 hours left for the December 31 deadline, I'm sure it's pretty intense. So to help out, if you're free between 12-1 PM London time, join me on Google Hangout for a Q&A. I'm happy to help.