I Know Tai Chi

As I get deeper and deeper into this startup game the more I realize there’s a lot to do with martial arts. Back in the day I did my fair share of martial arts, including tai chi. Now before you think tai chi is only for old people, take a look at this version (chen style for all my young padawans) of the famous art:

So where does tai chi meet startup? Two aspects, as far as I can see for now:

* Minimum effort, maximum effectiveness: Tai chi is all about leverage - using the opponent’s strength as your own, returning it with even greater force than before. Same with a lean startup - resources are few so when things are done it needs to maximize effectiveness. Evaluate all tools for this ratio before selecting it.

* Be connected: this is especially critical with tai chi - this martial art only works when the power of the legs gets transferred to the waist which directs to the arms. Without the proper connection between ligaments and body parts, maximum power cannot be generated. Same thing in a startup - all members need to be connected mentally and physically. Only through proper alignment will maximum power be achieved. Without it power and effectiveness breaks down.

I’m going to end with a song from Kennedy about karate and other cool stuff.