I'm all-in: My move to Asia

I just arrived in Hong Kong this past Sunday. Leaving London was bittersweet - I spent a little more than 6 years there, first as a business school student, then a learning but struggling entrepreneur, and then an early stage investor. Many big life changes happened in London, and I love the city and its community.

A lot of people ask why the move. It's actually a simple reason - we wanted to raise Vera over here, closer to family, and where she can get a sense of her roots. Even though I agonized whether this was the right reason, after talking to many of my mentors this was a no-brainer. A special thanks to Michel Cassius, John Vermilye, Farhan Lalji, and Mark Solon for pushing my thinking.

In many ways this is also the right professional move - I know Asia really well. I was born in Hong Kong and speak fluent Cantonese. I lived in Taipei and Singapore and have family there. I studied Japanese for 4 years in college and did a foreign exchange in Tokyo. I worked in Seoul for 2 years and return back there a ton. In many ways this is a bit of a homecoming for me, but big kudos to Chrys, Christian, and Hussein for helping out with ton of intros. And a ton of London VCs that opened their diaries to me before I left.

As I think back to my leaving drinks, there's a whole list of people I have to thank. All the Hackstars/Associates who came and said goodbye, who now have this real community feel. Mark Lazar and Marko Srsan for kickstarting the speeches. All the contributors to my bowler hat and iWatch (I love the gifts!). High school friend Sutin Yang and college friend Alex Frehse that I've known since forever but hadn't had the time to see in London. Zubin Chagpar and Ivan Shyr for helping me generously with the transition. And everybody who took their time out of a busy day to come and visit.

So onwards to new adventures. I'm ready. I'm excited. And I'm committed to this early startup ecosystem and making it awesome.

I have an ask: if you hear of anyone coming around to these parts, do let me know. I'm only an email, tweet, or short flight away.

Otherwise - peace out and I'll see you soon somewhere in the world.