Jubilee Weekend and the Power of Purpose (part 2)

It’s currently Jubilee weekend here in London, which means (for my non-UK and Commonwealth brethren) that the UK has closed down for four straight days to celebrate the Queen’s 60 years of service. It has been an overwhelming success - let’s review the stats:

And the Queen’s approval rating is over 80%, higher than President Obama’s rating even in the US, and higher than the approval average of tracked presidents since 1937

I won’t claim to be a monarchist, but what I find fascinating is the institution of the monarchy and its place in modern history. If you look at the numbers above, if you judge the reaction of people celebrating this Jubilee weekend, I think you will find that there this something more than meets the eye.

My simple hypothesis is that the Queen, and by extension the monarchy institution, is the physical manifestation of the power of purpose. With purpose people are galvanized, feel there is a higher ideal in which to work for, and can latch on to a constant in life. A life absent of purpose is not a bad alternative, but if given a choice to either change the world or sell more shoes (as an example of Zappos), which would you choose?

My argument is purpose is integral to the lifeblood of a startup. Without it the tasks are too difficult, the hours too long, the sacrifices too great. Think first of purpose and institute that in the startup, and you’ll find life, recruitment, and general employee energy to be optimized.