Goal #2: Leadership learning

My second goal for 2015 is to work on leadership, a personal passion of mine that led me to join the military. Another practical reason why leadership is so necessary in my life are due to my time constraints; I simply need to find better ways to achieve more with less time.

Some active things I'm thinking about improving this aspect in my life:

  • Be more active in finding #leadership articles: --> [HBR](http://www.hbr.org) is a good start - and add to my Feedly list

    --> One of the [recent articles](http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/on-leadership/wp/2015/01/02/how-10-ceos-work-smarter-manage-better-and-get-things-done-faster/) I've read include a pro-tip that I really enjoy:

    One thing he[Jack Dorsey] does is to "theme" his days, devoting a different day each week to different types of work. Mondays are for management, Tuesdays are focused on product, Wednesdays are for marketing and communication, and so on.

  • Be a more effective communicator: --> This [HBR leadership article](https://hbr.org/2014/12/research-10-traits-of-innovative-leaders/) mentions being persuasive and candidness in communication as being key traits, and I agree. This is an area I definitely need to improve upon.

    --> One way to do so is to continue to blog more and do a better job communicating my top-line, strategic thoughts --> I also need to spend more of my time communicating during the day. This is extremely hard due to my bias for action and to get my hands dirty, but I need to spend much more time communicating up, down, and across teams. I need to look at this as a long-term investment.

  • Improve my integrity: --> The Army calls integrity in the [FM 22-100 Command and Leadership of the Small Unit Leader](http://www.cgsc.edu/carl/docrepository/fm22_100_1953.pdf):

    Integrity, the uprightness of character and
    soundness of moral principle, the quality of absolute truthfulness and honesty, is an indispensable trait in a leader.

    --> The manual offered these tips to develop integrity: (1) Practice absolute honesty and truthfulness with yourself at all times. (2) Be accurate and truthful in all your statements, both official and unofficial. (3) Stand for what you believe to be right in the face of adverse comment. (4) Place honesty and duty above all else. --> I also love this [integrity report](http://jamesclear.com/2014-integrity-report) to audit how well I've maintained my integrity. I need to do something similar

  • Delegate more: --> Dwight Eisenhower had [this strategy](http://uk.businessinsider.com/strategy-from-dwight-eisenhower-2014-12?&platform=bi-androidapp?r=US) for how to delegate tasks, which centered around how important a task was and its urgency


    --> One advice I've heard of dealing with how to evaluate whether a task was important was to ask oneself: "is this the most important thing I should be doing at this moment?"
    --> Fred Wilson wrote a great post on why delegation is important; worth reading